Having a Dream & putting it to Work

The Power of a vision board.

The exact time I found the sign that read “Dreams Don’t Work, Unless You Do!” is unknown.  The moment I realised it’s all about that is right this very moment.  

It’s not about a fun day out listening to a talk, doing some meditation, eating muffins, drinking tea and then putting some awesome, cool pictures on a cardboard.  It’s about having one of the simplest theories explained to you in the most understandable way, leaving knowing that unless you put it to practise it will only be, just a fun day out.

The beauty about self-development is, unlike taking a horse to water and not being able to force him to drink, your own ability to develop lies with only one person, yourself.  Once those pictures are on a board and its up on your wall, you can either let it fall off, eventually putting it in the cupboard, or you can wake up each day, deciding to do something that brings you one step closer to it all.

When I put mine up after my wonderful morning out with my bestie Judy and Sharon Castle, I consciously decided just that.  Every day, I would wake up, saying what will I do today to get me that one step closer to it all.  After all “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do!”  

Its officially a proven fact, proven by myself in less than 8 months since I made my board and heard a story about some pink feathers.  #justsaying, if you want to know about the pink feathers then unfortunately you need to do a beautiful board with Sharon, no spoiler alert here I am afraid.  I will say this, once you start to see them, you can’t un-see them and oh my it’s the most beautiful thing ever.

My Story in a nutshell is this:

As a self-employed, mother of two teenage boys now 18 and 16, things are more often than not challenging.  How you embrace that challenge and what you do about it makes all the difference.

On the 10th of December 2017, I was fortunate enough to relocate to Ballito.  Having lived in White River for over 16 years, it was time for change.  Little did I know that this move would change my life so substantially both personally as well as for my small travel company.

Determined to create a new start for my business, my two boys and myself, I joined the local Virgin Active Gym to get myself out and about.  For many years I had only just worked, cared for my children and spent very few moments doing anything for myself, not to mention my actual health.  

When people tell you that becoming active can change a person’s outlook on life, general mood, wellbeing and many other things it’s hard to believe.  Let me tell you this, it’s all very, very true.  

After a few short months I discovered my passion for Yoga and made new connections and friendships within a community of people in Ballito and the surrounding areas.  Through this newly found passion, I developed a whole new concept for my travel business.

Before my first holiday in over 5 years, toward the end of December 2018, my now beset friend Judy, invited me to a vision board workshop with a lady called Sharon Castle.  What better way to end a year and start to a new year, on my return from holiday, than having my intention set for 2019, I thought to myself.  Let’s see if this vision board thing works I said.  After all if you build it they will come, right?  Wow, was that right too.

Sharon’s explanation and knowledge on the thought process, minds functioning and life was astounding.  Her passion, principles and excitement had me on the edge of my seat.  Suddenly everything I thought to be true, knew worked but never understood how, all made pure, logical sense.  By the time I got home, I was so excited, my board was up and I was ready for anything to come my way.

It’s now August 2019, that same excitement, belief and knowledge has not left me once.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not go to sleep at night looking at my board and saying which part did I achieve or get closer too, today, which part shall we work toward tomorrow.

My board is based around balance between work and life, family and home.  Conquering fears, finding true love and embracing all you can be and have.  

As a single owner run business, in February of this year, I have an amazing team of four, including myself.  On Friday the 16th of August I moved into an office and took my business, which I have run for the past ten years out of my home.  This now gives me the ability to separate the two.  A proper balance between, life and work.  With the assistance of a great team I can now take a little more time out for myself, also giving me more time to work passionately on my new business, We Move Active.  My new concept, I had created on my yoga mat but was always nervous to fully embrace.

Eight Months in, We Move Active has been on radio, assisted and hosted in 4 events, with work on even more.  A vision of having people enjoy the beauty of Yoga and Wellness, became to a reality when we hosted International Yoga Day at Willard’s Beach, attendance over 40 with over R2000 in donations raised for charity.  

My Small Travel Business is no longer, it’s thriving to many people’s surprise. My two amazing boys are also thriving, just like me they too have created their own boards with Sharon with the know, that the only way to achieve is to see it and work toward it.  They two have discovered their own pink feathers.

Never be scared to Dream, most importantly, those dreams are a reality once you jump with both feet and make it happen.

To the person who came up with those very wise words, “Dreams don’t work unless you do!” and most importantly, Sharon Castle for teaching me that we are our own limitation but when you step beyond that, there no longer is any.  Not even the sky as this too is a limitation, our ability goes beyond even that, to and endless potential of anything and everything, as long as you believe and strive toward it.  

Much Love and boundless Pink Feathers

Paula Marini