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Accurateness of information

While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this website is current and accurate, we cannot guarantee you that all information contained on this site is
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Terms of Sale

By the purchase of this ticket I/we hereby confirm, agree, consent and undertake in favour TRAVEL VIP cc and its subsidiaries/divisions, more specifically “We Move Active”, “Ethica Events” and “CoTravel” (“service provider”) that:

• The service provider offers, conducts and performs services and activities such as travel, yoga, trail running, stand up paddleboarding etc. (“the activities”). I/we agree to accept the service provider’s services, and I/we further agree to participate in the activities on the basis and in terms of this form, wherein acceptance and consent is hereby given voluntarily and in full understanding of the contents hereof;

• My/Our acceptance of the service provider’s services and my participation in the activities as previously mentioned is entirely at my/our own risk. The service provider and its owners, employees and/or its contractors accept no responsibility, and will not be liable for any theft, loss, or damage, injury, illness or death arising of whatsoever nature, regardless of the cause of such loss, damage, injury, illness or death;

• I/We agree that I/we will not, and I/we undertake not to hold the service provider or its owners, employees and/or contractors liable for or make any claim against them for any damages, loss or expenses arising from any such loss, damage, injury, illness or death;

• I/We hereby indemnify and hold harmless and absolve the service providers owners, employees and/or contractors from all and any claims of whatever nature that may arise for whatsoever reason including as a direct or indirect result of my participation in the activities offered by the service provider;

• I/We hereby accept that in the event of my/our cancelling my/our participation in the activities provided by the service provider that I will be liable to the service provider for a 100% cancellation fee;

• I/We hereby indemnify the service provider against all and any costs, legal fees and expenses of whatever nature that the service provider may incur as a direct result of my/our participation in the aforementioned activities, and including as a result of the service provider’s enforcement of this indemnity;

• I/We confirm that I/we am/are medically fit, both mentally and physically, to engage in the activities offered by the service provider and accept the services from the service provider;

• In the event of me/us requiring, for whatever reason medical treatment, I/we hereby consent to such treatment being administered to me/us, and I/we agree that I/we will be personally liable for any medical costs that may arise;

• This confirmation of indemnity and consent will apply in respect of my/our participation in all and any activities and/or my/our acceptance of services from the service provider, whether or in the future, which confirmation of indemnity and consent will endure indefinitely;

• My/Our consent and indemnity shall and will be enforceable and binding upon my/our heirs, executors, administrators and estate;

• I/We further agree that if any provision is found to be unenforceable or non-compliant with any legal requirement, such provision will be amended in accordance with the relevant legislation.