There hasn’t been a time when I have travelled to Mauritius that I haven’t shared this story......

At about the age of 8, now 45, so yes, some many years ago, I had my first trip to Mauritius.

Being the daughter of a father in the airline industry, a flight engineer on Boeing’s beautiful 747, Classic, we got to travel the world.  Not only did I get to start at the age of 5, we were lucky to see many places, stay in beautiful hotels around the world, having experiences that many could only dream of.  Basically living a life of privilege but with so much gratitude for experience and opportunities, that to this day, we share memories of those times.

So back to the story, it’s for this reason that I was most excited about our first visit to Mauritius, as all the pictures I had seen were are of beautiful beaches and absolute Paradise.  I sat on the crew bus absolutely exploding with excitement for the resort that would await us.

Whilst on the crew bus, driving to our hotel located in the Southern Region of Le Morne, a 2 hour plus journey, I saw small villages, roaming stray dogs, children playing and well, typical island style life.  For an 8 year old of course this is nothing but disappointment, most upset, I stood up and said “Dad, you said Paradise, I don’t see Paradise, is there even a beach?”

From the mouths of babes, I tell you.  A statement I will never ever forget, an island, I could never ever forget either.

So much so that, since then it’s a place I have returned to many, many times……

My Heart Lives on that Island, filled with culture, diversity, beautiful people, island life and paradise, so beautifully interwoven, a person can’t help but want to return again and again and again.


Let us help you get there and experience this magic.